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    "This was the only product I found in the market that actually works. Really, really good". Margarida H. (Worthing, United Kingdom) le 03 Mars 2016

  • What bloggers say

    "Now let's talk about efficiency because this deodorant is very effective, and this, for several days. This, is innovation! Our little probiotics are not the lazy type, they work for several days without fail.

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    "The founders of the startup DayDry worked on the development of a formula, reducing the proliferation of bacteria responsible for transpiration odors."  LA TRIBUNE economic newspaper 25/02/2016

  • stars-5.png"DayDry is magical... i have only been using it for 48 hours; Yesterday i did sports, and no odor. So, yes i sweat, it was normal and even very good, But NO SMELL !!!! I took a shower and i didn't put it back on again. STILL NO ODOR UPON WAKING THIS MORNING (probiotic deodorant intense freshness)."

    Steeve B. (Caen, France) le27 Avr. 2016

  • blog-demaquillage-small.jpg"#MIRACLE : NE PLUS SENTIR MAUVAIS SANS SELS D'ALU ! Je crois à peine moi-même à ce que je m'apprête à écrire : j'ai trouvé un déodorant sans sels d'aluminium aussi efficace que s'il en était bourré. Nan : PLUS efficace. Un déo sans sel d'aluminium, VRAIMENT efficace au moins 72 heures, et made in our country by a new start up, moi je dis Alléluia."

    Blog Dé

  • customers testimonials"Very effective This was the only product I found in the market that actually works... Really, really good (Deodorant soin probiotique Huiles essentielles)."

    Margarida H. (Worthing, United Kingdom) le 03 Mars 2016

  • chokoma-small.jpg"DayDry deodorant is a little revolution. Does a very good job of regulating body odor, I m convinced by this product!"


  • DayDry-blog-mlle-parfum-v2.jpg" 3 days of smelling good without reapplying the deodorant, i admit, i was amazed. I think that this little bottle will last me all summer! "



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