A natural deodorant which preserves your skin and eliminates body odor.

The first deodorant appeared around a century ago. Deodorants are the best selling cosmetic product in the world and are the least innovative. Conventional deodorants contain questionable compounds, such as aluminum salts. Natural deodorants are harmless, but not effective. It's time to change the deodorant philosophy!

  • 4100 millions

    Deodorants sold every year in the world

  • 3%

    Deodorants without aluminum and free from toxic ingredients

  • 36 months

    To develop DayDry probiotic deodorant


DayDry probiotic deodorant, the best natural solution.

  • Patented formula made in France

    using natural and biological ingredients of the highest quality, in compliance with French and European cosmetics standards.

  • The most effective natural deodorant

    ensures a long-lasting and highly effective experience, inhibits body odor without clogging pores.



    Cofounder,  Engineer of French National Research Institute (CNRS) wanted to develop an innovative formula with a strong scientific background

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    Cofounder, author of wellness books, wanted a healthy product which ensures a long-lasting and highly effective experience