Foot spray Deodorant

Foot spray Deodorant


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Freshness and a pleasant scent

The probiotic care foot deodorant naturally fights against perspiration odors and prevents the development of bacteria and fungi responsible for foot odors. It is scented with tea tree essential oil.


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Take care of your feet with DayDry probiotic deodorant

The foot deodorant formula, in combination with the pro-active deodorant compound, natural antibacterial leuconostoc and anti-fungal tea tree essential oil, reinforces its anti-odor and purifying action.

  • DayDry probiotic foot deodorant
  • Naturally eliminates unpleasant foot odours.
  • No aluminum salts, No paraben, No propylene glycol
  • Effectively targets bacteria that cause foot odours
  • With Tea tree essential oil
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Made in France

Data sheet
Best useApply every day or every 2 days
CapacitySpray 50 ml for 2 moth using
Ingredientspattented pro-active deo, natural probiotic active, menthol, yuzu fragrance
Fragranceyuzu and menthol freshness

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