DayDry Deodorant in TOP SANTE press magazine

DayDry Deodorant in TOP SANTE press magazine
TOP SANTE press magazine - Edition Number 308, May 2016: A selection of the best innovative deodorants without aluminum salts.

"… The strengths:  It (DayDry Probiotic deodorant) limits unwanted odors without suppressing perspiration and it continues to perform for two to three days, while preserving the natural flora of the armpit.”

“We recommend (it):  (For its effect) LONG DURATION… this deodorant contains probiotics which will limit the appearance of odors, and has a fresh scent of yuzu (citrus from Asia) and menthol. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The roll-on deodorant probiotic intense freshness, scent Menthol Yuzu: $ 11.90

Available in pharmacies, drugstores and

Discover it !


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