Since the Antiquity period, sage has been one of the stars of the traditional pharmacopoeia plants. Among its many properties, are its precious antiperspirant qualities in cases of fever and sweating. The plant contains ursolic acid, and its stringent and antiseptic action naturally regulates perspiration. Its effectiveness in fighting symptoms of menopause, most notably hot flashes, has been demonstrated in many studies.

Salivia officinalis (sage) is used internally via infusions, tinctures or capsules. Salvia sclarea (clary sage) is used externally to prevent numerous skin ailments and to help fight against odors.  

Sage limits sweating

Sage is able to regulate perspiration diurnal and nocturnal (night sweats) in cases of menopause, excessive sweating or stress. The antiperspirant properties of sage reach its peak 2-3 hours after consumption of an infusion, capsule or tincture, and then, its effects gradually decreases during the hours that follow.

Sage fights against odors

In vitro studies have demonstrated antibacterial properties in sage leaves found in essential oil or aqueous extract (distillates). This property could explain the effectiveness of using sage against perspiration. Associated with other assets, sage gently purifies and cares for even the most sensitive skin.

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