New - Probiotic Foot Deodorant

New - Probiotic Foot Deodorant

In winter, our feet are often trapped inside shoes. As a result, perspiration can’t evacuate naturally. It soaks in this confined environment and contributes to the development of the bacteria and fungi that cause odors and foot mycosis.

Probiotic care foot deodorant offers effective protection against foot odors and fungus (or athlete’s foot).  It’s all natural formula, without aluminum, combines the action of the pro-active deodorant with antifungal Tea Tree essential oil, and antibacterial leuconostoc. Easy to use and non-irritating, the Probiotic Deodorant Foot Spray is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily.

Our personal care tips for maximum efficiency:

-         Wash your feet, at least once a day, with probiotic washing gel. Be sure to lather the product between the toes.

-          Rinse well with warm water and gently dry your feet with a soft, clean towel. Don't forget to dry the skin between the toes.

-          Spray probiotic care foot deodorant across the entire foot and between the toes.

-          Wear clean and natural materials (such as linen, cotton or wool). Avoid wearing the same shoes too often, or wearing humid or wet shoes.


DayDry probiotic foot care with tea tree essential oil - Spray 75ml - $14.90

Probiotic Deodorant Foot Spray

Probiotic washing gels – 250 ml - $12.90

Essential Oil Probiotic Deodorant Body Wash

Sage Floral Probiotic Deodorant Body Wash

Intense Freshness Probiotic Deodorant Body Wash

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