This is what many of you have been waiting for… DayDry’s line of probiotic care has added three new products: a volumizing sweat control shampoo, an anti-seborrheic sweat control shampoo and an anti-dandruff sweat control shampoo.

Why use a sweat control shampoo?


The scalp sweats just like skin. To regulate body temperature, sweat glands of the scalp produce sweat. Infants, in particular, control their body temperature by sweating from their heads. This localized sweat decreases with age but remains active during intense exercise or moments of stress. Excessive perspiration of the scalp can be a manifestation related to menopause or a side effect of a secondary pathology.


DayDry’s sweat control shampoos decrease the sensation of moisture at the root of the hair. While giving volume to hair, they prevent the strands from sticking together and appearing dirty as soon as you start to sweat.


DayDry’s Probiotic Shampoo protects hair…


Perspiration alters the pH of skin and promotes bacterial development. In addition, it leaves salts on the surface of the scalp and on hair. These factors harm the health of hair, and leave the scalp unbalanced. If you can’t wash your hair immediately following sportive activities, be sure to do so that very same evening. Leaving perspiration on the scalp is not good for the health of your hair or your scalp.


DayDry’s sweat control shampoos take care of hair and gently cleanse the scalp while rebalancing the pH. The sulphate-free formula cleans gently, and its pro-active formula cleans the scalp without irritation. Sage distillates control sweat and give volume without drying. Vitamin B and hyaluronic acid strengthen the outer envelope of the hair while protecting the hydration of the skin.


If you suffer from oily hair, opt for our double action formula: anti-seborrheic sweat control shampoo. It won’t suffocate your hair. If you suffer from dandruff and itchy scalp, opt for our anti-dandruff sweat control shampoo.


Healthy hair beauty tip: If your scalp is humid (or oily) and the ends of your hair dry; wash your hair with DayDry’s Probiotic Care Shampoo, rinse carefully. Then apply conditioner or moisturizing care to the ends of your hair.


Probiotic Care Volumizing Sweat Control Shampoo, 200ml: $14.90

Probiotic Care Anti- seborrheic Sweat Control Shampoo, 200ml: $14.90

Probiotic Care Anti-Dandruff Sweat Control Shampoo, 200ml: $14.90

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